Hangover Relief

Hangover Relief
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  • This pack contains 6 high-strength magnets on hypoallergenic plasters
  • Detailed instructions on how to safely apply the magnets
  • 12 additional hypoallergenic plasters
  • Each magnet is 24k gold plated
  • The magnets are safe, reusable and do not rust


  • The magnets may be used indefinitely
  • The plasters should be left on for several days although we recommend you change them periodically

About Hangovers and Hangover Remedies

What causes a hangover and is there a hangover cure? Dehydration and the principal cause is ethanol – the alcohol in your drinks. It is a toxic chemical that works in the body as a diuretic (which means it makes you urinate more and a result become dehydrated)

This is one of the main causes of the headache, dry mouth, dizziness and constant nausea. Your hangover eases as the body turns the ethanol into a less toxic chemical.

The other factor that affects a hangover is the type of drink you have been consuming. Dark drinks contain substances (congeners) that tend to make hangovers worse and harder to cure fast.

Most people are seeking for hangover cure when it is usually too late, but Zing Pain Relief has been proven to be one of the most successful natural hangover remedies by its users.

While there are many natural hangover remedies, Zing Pain Relief is based on Chinese medicine and has proven to prevent hangovers right from the start. Therefore they are not necessarily an instant hangover cure, but help you to avoid hangovers.


This product does not remove alcohol from your body – you will still fail a Police breath test if you have drunk MORE THAN THE LEGAL LIMIT in your Country or State.

Zing Pain Relief packs use TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) acupressure points that have been successfully used for centuries. The application of our magnets allows these points to be stimulated for long periods with no effort resulting in a preventative hangover cure.

The below link to the NHS website is to enable you to understand fully your condition and help bridge the gap between TCM and Western Medicine.

More info on Drink Aware

Zing Pain Relief products can be used safely in tandem with Western medicine to help you. We want you to have every opportunity to help your health and wellbeing.


  • Do not use magnets during pregnancy, or if you think you maybe pregnant
  • Do not use magnets if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator or insulin pump as the magnets may interfere with the functioning of the medical device.
  • Magnets are generally considered to be safe when applied to the skin. Reports of side effects or complications are rare. It is important not to use magnets in place of proven treatments for serious medical conditions. Tell your doctor about any complementary and alternative medicine practices you use.
  • In the unlikely event you experience any redness, irritation or discomfort remove the acuplaster for a period.
  • Magnets should be used for external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children