How Zing Magnets can help with Insomnia

INSOMNIA Insomnia is a condition of unsatisfactory sleep. This may be in terms of difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking too early. This may be associated with daytime fatigue, irritability and mood disturbances. Normal sleep requirements vary considerably. Some people function well on 4 hours per night while others need 8-10 hours. Sleep [...]


Tips from Dr. Nick

Dr Nick suggests that to see best results with the products keep the magnets on for at least 3 days: Don’t think because a magnet may have come off or because there is no immediate ‘pain relief’ the treatment is not working. It can take 3-4 days before you see any benefit. Look at it [...]


What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

This is a set of symptoms which is caused by compression of the Median nerve as it passes through the wrist. It is a common condition and most commonly occurs in people aged 40-50. It is common in pregnancy and also people with Thyroid disease or arthritis. Women are more affected than men. What is [...]

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