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Magnetic therapy’s main use is for pain relief. The use of magnets provides a safe and easy method for relieving pain and discomfort. In many cases strong magnets are placed directly over the area of pain. However Zing Magnets are placed on traditional acupuncture points. Current research suggests that magnets affect ion channels (ions are charged chemical particles) These can reduce or block nerve pain signals.

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The movement of ions in the body controls pain signals and biological processes such as muscle contraction. Magnets have the advantage over other methods of pain relief in that they are safe and have no side effects so can be used as often as required. Zing magnets are covered with 24-carat gold plate. This means that they can safely be used on people with metal allergies. When used with hypoallergenic plasters the magnets can be applied constantly and only changed when the plasters are failing to stick to the skin.

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