Acupuncture Points as Therapy

A large literature review of magnets applied to acupuncture points as therapy was published in the journal of Acupuncture in Medicine.(1)

They looked at three hundred and eight scientific citations  and found 42 studies to have been of adequate scientific quality. Conditions studied included; hypertension, depression, peri-arthritis, labour pain, jaw pain, soft tissue injury, ADHD and bipolar disorder, insomnia in the elderly, migraine, headache, phantom limb pain, obesity, breach presentation, hot flushes, hiccup, stroke, chronic leg ulcers, mental fatigue when driving, nausea and vomiting, cholelithiasis and hyperlipidaemia.

Of these studies they found a therapeutic effect in 88% of the studies. The only reported adverse effects were exacerbation of hot flushes and skin irritation from adhesives. Their conclusion was that further investigation into the use of acu-magnet therapy is warranted particularly for the management of diabetes and insomnia.


(1)     Acupunct Med. 2008 Sep;26(3):160-70.

Magnets applied to acupuncture points as therapy – a literature review.

Colbert AP, Cleaver J, Brown KA, Harling N, Hwang Y, Schiffke HC, Brons J, Qin Y.


Helfgott Research Institute, National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon, USA.

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