What is gauss factor?

Gauss abbreviated to ‘G’, and is named after the German mathematician Carl Friederich Gauss, which measures the ‘magnetic flux density’ or in layman’s terms the strength of a magnetic field. Typical magnetic field strengths:-
• 10−9–10−8 gauss: the human brain magnetic field
• 0.31–0.58 gauss: the earth’s magnetic field on its surface
• 25 gauss: the Earth’s magnetic field in its core
• 50 gauss: a typical fridge magnet
• 100 gauss: a small iron magnet
• 1500 gauss: a small neodymium – iron- boron (NIB) magnet
• 3000 gauss: Zing Magnet used in pain relief
• 15,000-30,000 gauss: a medical MRI electromagnet
• 1012–1013 gauss: the surface of a neutron star

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