Why there is no need to be scared of magnets

In a nutshell magnets are everywhere, in your car, fridge, iPod, iPad, HIFI speakers – the list is endless.
Magnets are mostly perceived as used by cartoon characters who use ‘huge big black and red tipped industrial strength magnets like in Tom and Jerry cartoons to cause harm with irons landing on Tom’s head.

And this perception stays easily in our mind as we all grew up loving cartoons in our formative years, however as with magnets being used in everyday life and without ever being aware of their presence, we come back to the use of magnets for natural healing purposes.

Since the ancient Egyptians, and the time of Cleopatra, the lodestone, a naturally magnetised stone has been used to cure aches and pains.

And finally, to allay any last fears with regards the use of magnets, hospitals, at great expense, use strong magnetic fields in MRI scans globally every day, without any risks to the patient or operator.

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