Magnet therapy is very safe. There are no published reports of serious adverse effects from using magnets. One of the major problems of having metal applied to the skin is Nickel allergy. This is an element that is present in small quantities in many metals including steel, silver and even 9 carat gold. It can sensitize the skin and is a very common cause of eczema and dermatitis in sensitive individuals.

Zing magnets prevent this by having the magnets coated with 24 carat gold. This means that they can be applied to the skin for long periods of time without causing irritation.

The plasters may cause a problem in susceptible people. Zing uses non latex hypoallergenic plasters so they can remain on the skin for days. They only need to be changed if they irritate the skin or are peeling off.

Magnets have no known ill effects but we must advise that they are not used in pregnancy or if you have an electrical pacemaker or defibrillator device.

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